Nefertiti Mitchell, owner and operator of the First Female Black Owned Intimate Concierge Boutique located in Inglewood, California. She created a showroom boutique where everyone— regardless of age, sex, gender, sexual preference, or kink—can come in and feel comfortable to talk about their wants and desires without others eavesdropping or judging their pleasures.

I have been in a lifelong student of sensuality as a fundamental aspect of human and divine life. I combined my interest in sensuality to heal my childhood sexual trauma and to establish a business dedicated to Black love and Self-Care.

In 2021, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 advance Breast Cancer and felt like a deer caught in headlights. This news came within weeks of The Ghettoff Boutique Grand Opening on April 17, 2021. Being a cancer survivor, it was important to me to ensure that after surgery and treatments I still had an intimate libido. Everyone’s body responds differently.  I want to inform people of various self-care products that Ghettoff offers.  Remember “keep it spicy” whether its solo or partner play.   

Being a black woman and a breast cancer survivor, I feel compelled to help inform and educate individuals about self-care for solo or partner play. Throughout the pandemic we have understood that we must be strong to take care of our families and that starts with you.  Our boutique offers a personalized unique individual concierge experience.  Our appointment only boutique allows people to openly express their interest without feeling judged by anyone. 

Our mission is to spread the word that we need to take control of sexual health through our workshops, consultation, and our “Take Control of your Cancer Campaigns”.