Do Women Like their Nipples Sucked?

Do Women Like their Nipples Sucked?

Breastgasms, nipple orgasms, breast orgasms, whatever you wish to name it - they seriously exist. If you have not experienced it, then it could be impossible to imagine what it feels like to orgasm simply from nipple play. However, good numbers of women have felt and enjoyed it.

Stimulating the nipples either with human hands, mouth, or adult toys like nipple clamps, and vibrating nipple suckers can trigger erotic pleasure throughout a woman's body. Here we've discussed a few important things you should know about nip play.

Do Women Like Their Nipples Sucked?

The answer is not the same for everyone. It mostly depends on the person involved and the situation. Women enjoy nipple sucking and licking when it is done romantically. But a woman hates it when a man does it for the sake of his willingness and has zero idea of how to do it.

Some women love having their breasts sucked slowly. When it starts with gentle, sensual touch on the areola, this sends sensations through the body. That time, a girl might get wet. However, if a man sucks her nipple while teasing, giving attention not just to the nipples but to both the breasts, trust me she may get an exhilarating orgasm instantly. But if you do it wrongly, you won't get the opportunity to see her moaning.

Have you ever noticed that women spend a lot of time and money to ensure their breasts are well-maintained? This is because boobs mean the world to them – sexy, the focal point, the center of attention and attraction. This implies some women love having their nipples licked and sucked. But in the right way.

Why does Nipple Sucking Feel Great?

Sucking nipples stimulate the oxytocin release that takes place during arousal and orgasm. Moreover, oxytocin, the love hormone, increases sensations of well-being and trust and decreases stress. Since oxytocin release and nipple sucking are connected, nipple sucking might help develop feelings of intimacy and closeness with your partner. By sucking your ladylove’s boobs, you can draw your woman closer.

Perks of Nipple Orgasm:

Good heart health and happiness:

There are advantages of having sex and orgasm. Research has found that orgasm releases happiness-inducing chemicals or Oxytocin in the human brain. This enhances one’s physical and mental health. Thus, one can dodge the risk of heart problems later.

Make your sex life a spicy one:

Want to spice up your nights? Then, nipple play is the best bet. Nipples hardly get 30 seconds of your partner’s attention. Though they deserve more. So, the time has come to make them the show stopper.

Enjoy multiple orgasms:

One can enjoy multiple orgasms through nipple play. One can start with breast stimulation and later move on to other female erogenous zones. To make it the hottest affair, one can even go for a combo approach.

The Right Way to Do the Nipple Play:

Here we have given a few instructions for playing with boobs. These tips will turn your love-making session pleasurable for both of you.

Dirty talk is key:

Dirty, intense talks during love-making sessions can arouse a person in no time. Do not forget to compliment your ladylove’s boobs or nipples while caressing them.

Grab your girl’s boobs:

During sex, not only caress your girl’s breasts but hold on to those cuties firmly, kiss them, and squeeze them. Thus, you can ignite the fire in your partner.

Don’t hit the nipples straightaway:

Consent in sexual activities is vital. If you are uncertain about your ladylove’s likes and dislikes, take your time. Start with gentle massaging or stroking the sides, bottoms or tops of her boobs and kissing her collarbone, neck, and earlobes softly. This increases her anticipation and she will want more.

Mouth – a powerful weapon:

You can stimulate your partner’s boobs by nibbling, licking, and sucking. Use your tongue and draw circles around her nipples. Lick and suck them gently. If you see your partner enjoying this act, you might even apply pressure and bite her breast area carefully.

Shift your focus on areola:

If your girl is ready and screaming with pleasure, focus on her areola. It is the dark-colored circle that surrounds the nipples. You will be shocked that the areola is too sensitive than the nipples. If you wish to stimulate the areola, then stroke the nipples gently and circle the areola with your finger. You may also circle the nipples with your forefinger and thumb.

Introduce nipple toys:

If you're single or your partner is not enough to quench your sexual thirst, then you might like to incorporate some fetish pleasure toys. You can start with a nipple stimulating toys. You can also use suction-centric silicone cups. These cups are placed over the nipples to create a tightening sensation and increase your blood flow. Moreover, palm-sized vibrators are a popular means to offer buzzy, concentrated sensations.

Wrap up:

In a nutshell, nipple play is the best means to intensify a woman’s orgasm. One can combine various techniques to elevate female pleasure and arousal. But before doing anything with your partner, always have a word with her and take consent. Take baby steps, go with the flow, and enjoy sexual bliss.


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