FUCK Spanking Paddle

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Your moans echoed through the room as you felt the smooth texture of the paddle slide over your ass. They moved the paddle up between your thighs, it hugged each curve and crevice around your most intimate parts. The next thing you feel is light tapping leading up to your ass, there was a brief pause and then felt the paddle come down on your ass with a loud slap, you moan feeling the sting of the rubber on the paddle land on your ass, “more” you moan craving to feel the sting but more of the endorphin rush you get. Your partner smiled and happily obliged hitting you again leaving pretty little stars imprinted on your ass  


  • Practice makes perfect! Either use a partner or a pillow to get your technique just right!
  • Don’t hit your partner hard the first time using the paddle, make sure you warm up the area by spanking the area to bring blood to the surface, making it a much more pleasurable experience for you both.
  • Get acquainted with safe-words or the traffic light system
  • Avoid the tailbone, spine, kidneys, face and neck

Be gentle with the soles of the feet, calves, genitals and breasts

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