Classic Erotica Crazy Girl Wanna Be Pampered Mini Hearts Warming Body Massagers 2 Each

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Wanna Be Pampered Mini Warming Hearts Body Massager. Set of 2 – 3” Mini Heart Shaped Body Massages, Pink


To Activate: Place the metal piece between forefinger and thumb, press until it clicks to start crystallization. When the crystallization is completed, squeeze the heat pad to make it soft and ready to use.


To Recharge: Place the heat pad in boiling water with cloth below (Note: prevent the plastic bag from contacting the bottom of the pot) for about 5 minutes or until all the crystal is dissolved and clear gain. You can then place it in an ice bath just let it cool in room temperature. Then, it is ready to use again.


1.Do not heat the pad in microwave.
2.Do not leave it unattached while boiling & do not let the pot boil dry.
3.Do not use it when it is punctured of damaged
4.Do not place it near any edge or anything sharp.
5.Keep away from children and pets.  

6.Do not eat.

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